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Ceramic Jewelry & Buttons

Handcrafted in Historic Saluda, NC, by artist Pride Carson, Earthenpryde Creations primarily specializes in ceramic jewelry, ceramic buttons, and small functional ceramics for the home or garden.

Earthenpryde Creations draws its core inspirations from the wealth of nature’s own creative articulations, and expresses these inspirations in adornments for the body, the home, or the garden.

Many of the unique designs are made using stamping blocks which Pride has hand-carved.  All of the ceramic pieces used in each Earthenpryde Creation are hand-formed, hand-glazed, and kiln-fired, and the jewelry pieces often combine the handcrafted ceramic pieces with other materials, including wood, wire, chain, beads, or gemstones.

In Saluda, NC, Earthenpryde Creations are available at the Gardener’s Cottage and the Brass Latch, next to the WildFlour Bake Shop.

Be sure to check out our online store at, where you will be able to purchase your favorite Earthenpryde Creations items through our secure shopping site.. 

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Earthenpryde Creations

P.O. Box 815

Saluda, NC 28773

Phone: (828) 749-3019