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Saluda History

"High Bridge" Spared

"High Bridge" Spared

An architecturally significant and historic bridge near Saluda has been spared from demolition and will be preserved for visitors to enjoy. In the mid- nineties the need for a new bridge was obvious. The old bridge, which was built in 1927 and served for many years as the main route to Hendersonville and the west, became too narrow for the larger vehicles and growing traffic. So in 1999 the Department of Transportation decided to destroy the old bridge, and build a new one.

elevation viewo of the old bridge
This is the elevation view of the Old Bridge.

Many local citizens didn't want to see the old bridge destroyed. Thanks to their efforts the bridge will not be demolished, and will be used by pedestrians, sightseers, nature lovers, and bridge buffs. It will also inspire more people to stop and take a moment to view the mountains and the beautiful scenery of Saluda.